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Reliable Commercial Faucet Manufacturer
We are a high-end manufacturer of household and commercial faucet and kitchen and bathroom hardware.
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Reliable Commercial Faucet Manufacturer
We are a high-end manufacturer of household and commercial hardware and sanitary ware.
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Product Collection
ZHENBOCHUAN is a plumbing faucet manufacturer that specializes in providing high-quality taps for both residential and commercial applications.The main business covers all kinds of commercial kitchen faucets, such as pre-rinse units, commercial sink faucets, pot filler faucets, glass rinsers and other kitchen and bathroom hardware.
Spray and optional add-on tap
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Customized according to your needs
Directly connect water to the furnace
Turn on the faucet with your foot
They are stylish in appearance
Quick cleaning of cups
More parts and accessories
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Customized Service
At ZHENBOCHUAN SANITARY WARE, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality pre-rinse faucet, kitchen faucet, and glass rinser etc.You can be sure that you are getting the best taps for your money. Welcome to inquire about custom commercial faucet price, we are the best choice of commercial faucet manufacturers.
The standard products of ZBSLORE adopt the semi-finished product inventory model, with a large amount of ready to ship faucets, which can meet the requirements of customers for fast delivery and reduce the storage and logistics costs of wholesaler customers.
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We can provide product marking (laser your logo on taps), customized packaging ( print personalized product carton boxes) and other personalized commercial faucets customization services, ZBSLORE can do its best to meet your needs.
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We offer customized services for commercial faucets, creating a unique design that meets your specifications. We can customize our faucets' size, finish, and features to ensure that you get the perfect kitchen faucets for your business.
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Zbslore commercial faucet manufacturer will serve you the best products with the favorite prices

Popular Products
Recommend the most  hot selling styles of our restaurant faucet for you, with large stock and fast delivery. Double handles wall mount pre rinse faucet. Single hole deck mount pre rinse unit. Chrome dual holes kitchen sink faucet
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About Us

ZBSLORE, the brand owned by Kaiping Zhenbochuan Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd., which is located in Kaiping City, the capital of sanitary ware.Kaiping Zhen Bo Chuan Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd., which is located in Kaiping City, Guangdong province.

With 17 years of development,we has developed into a high-end manufacturer of household and commercial hardware and sanitary ware. 

The products cover pre rinse faucet,sink faucet, mop faucet, foot petal faucet,pot filler faucet, big-flo drain valve and other hardware bathroom accessories. If you are looking for a commercial faucet supplier, Zbslore is your best choice, as one of the best commercial faucet manufacturers.

10000m² Floor Space
16 years of R&D experience
300000 sets annual output
5 years warranty
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Reliable commercial faucet Manufacturer

Our products are renowned for their durability, providing reliable solutions to the most challenging water delivery system issues in commercial buildings. We strive to provide the highest quality fittings for our customers, ensuring that their needs are met with the utmost care and precision.
10000m² Floor Space
16 years of R&D experience
300000 sets annual output
1000 sets' s lead time is 15 days
5 years warranty
A variety of certification and patent
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Latest company news and exhibition information. With years of efforts,we have developed a sales network through out the world,from North America to Europe and Australia.etc
Generally, our faucets are compatible with various sink types. However, in practical use, certain faucet types might be better suited for specific sink designs, providing users with enhanced functionality. Here are some related recommendations for your reference:
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There are various types of faucets designed for different purposes.
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Several brands are renowned worldwide for their high-quality pre-rinse faucets and commercial faucets.
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Several types of faucets are popular for kitchens due to their functionality and design.
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ZBSLORE has won the full affirmation of customers from all over the world by it’s unique design concept, stable and reliable product quality and three-win business approach.
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