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Common 7 big mistakes in faucet purchase?

Myth 1: The most water-saving faucet

Many consumers feel that the sensor faucet is convenient and saves water, but in fact, the sensor faucet not only has a small amount of water but also has a high price and a high maintenance cost. Induction faucets are generally installed in public places, office buildings and government units. However, the use of induction faucets in the home is not practical, and maintenance is time-consuming and labor-intensive.


It is not only the induction faucet that saves water, but the manual faucet also saves water and energy. Manual faucets not only have a long life but are also easy to repair, which is relatively more cost-effective. If you feel that the switch is troublesome, you can choose to install the push-type faucet, which is convenient for not having to rotate, and can achieve the effect of water-saving timed water, relatively cheap, and cost-effective.

Myth 2: The smaller the flow, the more water saving

The faucet flow has a water-saving standard, and the flow is too large or too small to be conducive to water-saving. Many people have this misunderstanding, thinking that a faucet with a small flow can save water. The water consumption is equal to the flow rate multiplied by the water use time. If the flow rate is too small, the water use time will be significantly prolonged and the water-saving effect will not be achieved. Sometimes the flow rate of the faucet is too small, there may be problems with the faucet valve, or the slag is clogged, it should be cleaned or replaced in time, so don't think that the flow is less.


Common 7 big mistakes in faucet purchase? 1

It is recommended to pay attention to the cleaning of the faucet, timely cleaning and replacement of the faucet valve and the filter net, so as to keep the water clean and hygienic, thereby protecting the health of the human body. Water is the source of life, so it is related to the health problems of water. It cannot be neglected. The hygiene of faucets is the foundation. The clean and bright appearance does not mean the cleanliness of the interior.

Myth 3: The bubbler faucet saves water in any situation.

The water outlet of the faucet has two parts, which are composed of an outer layer of filter net and a bubbler inside. The bubbler function mainly increases the number of bubbles in the water and reduces the amount of water, so that the water does not splash and controls the flow rate so that it can reach a certain level. Water saving effect. However, in all cases, the faucet of the bubbler is water-saving, which weakens the impact of the water flow and reduces the ability to wash and decontaminate. Therefore, when cleaning very dirty things, they must be cleaned with a large amount of water, which is not conducive to water saving.


When choosing a faucet with a bubbler, pay attention to the location of the installation. For washbasins and kitchen sinks, consider installing a faucet with a bubbler. The floor tow pool installed in the balcony does not need to use the faucet with the bubbler, which can speed up the washing and dragging and can increase the flushing capacity, which has a certain water-saving effect.

Misunderstanding 4, the faucet has hot and cold temperature regulation

According to the purpose of the faucet, it can be divided into basin faucet, kitchen faucet, bathtub faucet, washing machine faucet and mop pool faucet. Many consumers think that as long as they are faucets, there will be hot and cold temperature regulations.


The hot and cold temperature adjustment function of the faucet must be provided with two inlet and outlet hoses and a ceramic valve core. The faucet of the basin faucet, the kitchen sink faucet and the bathtub faucet are available in warm and cold or single cold, while the washing machine faucet and the mop pool faucet have only a single cold mode.

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