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How to maintain the hardware faucet?

1、 Before installation, we must first clean the impurities in the water pipe to avoid clogging and leakage of the valve plug (filter), resulting in blockage.

2、When purchasing a faucet, we will find a faucet that matches the size chart. Forcibly installed parts that would damage the bathroom product if the size is not met.

3、 When installing the faucet, we should try not to collide with other hard objects. Remember not to leave glue, cement and other substances on the surface. This affects the color of the faucet, and the faucet does not look so beautiful.

How to maintain the hardware faucet? 1

4、 Most of the tap water we use contains carbonate. We can use soft cotton cloth or sponge with neutral soapy water to gently wipe the surface of the faucet. It can clean the water stain on the faucet and restore the faucet to the former. .

5、the faucet will have a certain amount of water after being closed, which is mostly due to rain. However, if the dripping time is too long, it is a problem of water leakage. Remember to find someone to repair or replace it in time.

6、If the temperature is below zero, the handle of the faucet may feel abnormal. It is recommended to use hot water to rinse the bathroom products and restore them to normal temperature, which is more conducive to the maintenance of the faucet or extend the service life of the metal faucet.

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